ZOSI 8-Channel Security System Review

The ZOSI 8 Channel security system gets really good ratings and reviews online. This tiem I will review it and see if it’s really worth buying.

Video Quality

This security system comes with 4 1280TVL cameras. They record in 720P and the quality is surprisingly good. Of course you can’t compare them to cameras that cost 3 times as much – but for the price, great value for your money. Each camera has built in IR leds which are helpful in low light situations.  A similar security system with IR leds is ELEC 1500TVL (Amazon link). It works really well and gets good ratings online.

ZOSI 8-Channel Security System

Another great security system worth checking out is Funlux WiFi (Amazon link). The cameras are wireless (a huge advantage) and there are many useful features like 2 way audio. No wonder this system is so popular.

Mobile Stream

You can view the live stream from the ZOSI 8-Channel Security System on any PC or smartphone. All you have to do is install a good IP camera app on your smartphone. There are no lags, as long as your Internet connection is stable. Some apps also offer special features like motion detection.

In The Box

You will find the system itself, 4 cameras, 4 60ft cables, a power supply and power spliter. The HDD (hard drive) is not included, you have to provide your own (it needs to be 3.5 inches). There are many affordable hard drives you can online. I recommend buying a 2TB one (or at least 1TB) because this system has 4 cameras, so you will need quite some storage space.

ZOSI Security System
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It’s not very hard to setup this system, but if you don’t have any experience – maybe you should read some tutorial articles online. You can also find great and useful YouTube videos (like this one) that explain everything clearly.

Value For Money

The ZOSI 8 channel security system is great for people looking for a good system, but their budget is limited. The video quality these cameras provide are good, and the system itself is very easy to use. Without any doubt – this is a good solutions for those who don’t want to spend hudnreds of dollars on expensive secrutiy systems.

I hope you will find review helpful. If you are still not sure that this system is good for you, feel free to check out security system reviews on our website. We do our best to review and post about the latest and best security systems available online.If you have any questions – comment below.

ZOSI 8-Channel Security System
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4.7 / 5 stars


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