UOKOO Mini IP Camera Review

UOKOO Mini is a super popular IP camera. It is small, affordable and offers many different options and features. Today I will review it and tell you if it is really worth buying. In addition, I will mention some of the alternatives you should check out.

Video Quality

The UOKOO security wireless camera records in HD (720P) – the video quality is good. It uses a fairly simple CMOS sensor, it does the job well. Of course it can’t be compared to expensive and professional IP cameras- but for the price – it is amazing. 10 years ago, cameras like UOKOO costed at least 3 times as much. Do keep in mind that there are 2 versions – the standard one and a version with IR LEDS (Amazon link).I personally recommend buying the second version because in my opinion – night vision (thanks to the built in IR LEDS) is a must have feature.


Another really good IP camera I recommend checking out is Amcrest IP2M-841 (Amazon link). It is very popular as well and offers amazing video recording quality (Full HD). It is very easy to use and offers A LOT of features.

Live Stream

The UOKOO Mini IP Camera can be easily connected to your smartphone, tablet or PC. The company recommends using the iSmartViewPro app. It can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android device. In my opinion this app is really easy to use. It also offers many useful features like motion detection and notifications ! Do remember that there are different apps out there that might work with the IP camera, but in my opinion – iSmartViewPro is perfect. It is also worth mentioning that it supports multi cameras, a huge advantage. The setup process and pairing really should not take more than 2-3 minutes.



Build Quality And Design

UOKOO security wireless camera is fairly small, and you can place it pretty much anywhere. You can even mount it on the wall if you want to. The build quality and materials are pretty good. As I mentioned, it can be compared to professional IP cameras – but for the money – it is great.

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UOKOO Security wireless camera
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Value For Money

In my opinion – the UOKOO security camera is great and provides really good value for your money. For its price – you really can’t go wrong here. It also receives many other good reviews and ratings online. In my opinion it is the perfect IP camera for those who have a very limited budget but still look for an IP camera with good video quality.


I hope you liked my UOKOO IP Camera review. If you have any questions about it – comment below. Feel free to also check out other interesting secuirty related product reviews on our website. We tested and reviewed so many different IP cameras. Many people find it really hard to choose one, and we hope our reviews will make everything much easier.


Security Mini IP Camera, UOKOO 1280x720p
Written by: SecurityEver
4.8 / 5 stars

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