TENVIS JPT3815W is a popular smart IP camera used by thousands in USA and around the world. Today I will review it and tell you the advantages and disadvantages of this IP camera. I will also mention some of it’s alternatives and explain about using mobile apps to control your IP camera.

Video Quality

The video recording quality of TENVIS JPT3815W-HD is great. It records in HD (1280*720 – not full HD, keep that in mind), and supports MicroSD memory cards of up to 32GB. You can view the video streaming live, and in case something happens – you can be sure everything was recorded and saved on your memory card. I wish this camera also supported 64GB and 128GB memory cards, but you must remember that this is an affordable IP camera and it does not offer everything a much more expensive device can. Don’t me wrong – it’s a great IP camera, but you must understand that it’s a basic one – so don’t expect it to do anything extraordinary. For those who need a basic and simple to use IP camera – it’s perfect !

I do want to also recommend you the Amcrest ProHD (Amazon link) IP camera. It’s extremely popular and records videos in Full HD. It’s also very easy to use and you can find hundreds of reviews of it online.

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Night Vision

TENVIS JPT3815W has 10 IR LEDs, and thanks to them this IP camera can function pretty well in the dark. Do keep in mind that it won’t provide AMAZING video quality in full darkness. You can always turn on the motion detection feature and the camera will be able to detect any movement, even at night. I read few reviews of this camera online, and many of them mention the night vision works really well. I’m sure it’s 10 IR leds won’t provide enough “light” for some consumers, but for most people – it works just fine.


TENVIS JPT3815W-HD is not big at all, and that’s good – you can place it anywhere in your house (as long as it’s placed within your WI-FI network coverage). This IP camera comes in 2 colors (black and white). The black model is much more popular and it’s easier to find. I personally prefer it much more over the white version.

Mobile App

There are some apps (Android and iOS) that you can install on your smartphone and will work with TENVIS IP cameras ( the company manufactures more models). I personally think the best app is the NEW TENVIS app. It’s the official TENVIS app and it’s really easy to use. You can pair it with your TENVIS JPT3815W camera in few minutes. It allows you to rotate the camera, control the video quality and more. I really liked the app, and it’s always good to know that there are other apps that you will be able to also use, if needed.



The setup process of TENVIS JPT3815W is actually very easy. You don’t even have to use your PC to do that, just install TENVIS’s app on your smartphone, and within few minutes you will be able to use your secuirty camera. On YouTube you can find some videos that show the entire setup process – here is one of them :

More Reviews

Since the TENVIS JPT3815W-HD IP camera is super popular now, you can find many reviews of it online (including video reviews on YouTube). I think this camera is great, and from what I see – the negative reviews of it are pretty rare. You can also check out the reviews of it on Amazon, I find them many times very useful since they are written by the actual consumers that use the device on daily basis.

Similar IP Cameras

I highly recommend checking out the Vimtag (Fujikam) 361 IP camera. It’s very popular as well and offers so many features. It’s also really easy to use and setup.

Vimtag (Fujikam) 361
Vimtag (Fujikam) 361
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