TaoTronics LED Motion Sensor Review

TaoTronics’s LED motion sensor is really popular. People seem to really like it, so today I decided to test it and see if it’s really worth buying. This is my review of this great wireless outdoor spotlight.

How It Works

The TaoTronics LED  TT-HSL003  spotlight has a PIR sensor. When it detects any movement – the lights are turned on. There are 2 very bright CREE LEDs installed (300 lumen) , so it can easily illuminate your driveway, garage or any other area you want. I was suprised to discover that the TaoTronics LED Motion Sensor also has a light sensor for power saving. The motion detector (PIR sensor) will be active only when it’s dark. This way – the TaoTronics LED spotlight won’t be turned on at daytime when there is a lot of light outside. I think this is great ! That definitely saves battery power. This device is currently only available in black. I did read many reviews online that mention the need for a white version, so maybe it will be released in the future.

If you need a really powerful motion activated LED spotlight – check out Lithonia Lighting OFLR 9LN (Amazon link). It’s much brighter than TaoTronics LED motion sensor. The price is different of course, but the brightness is completely different.

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TaoTronics LED Motion Sensor
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Build Quality And Durability

This LED motion sensor is made from ABS plastics so it is very durable. On top of that, it is weatherproof so you really have nothing to worry about.


Since there are no wires, the TaoTronics TT-HSL003 LED light is really easy to install – it really should not take more then few minutes. All you have top do is drill few holes. You can install everything yourself – there is not need to call a electrician (saves you a lot of money of course).

TaoTronics LED Motion Sensor  Setup


TaoTronics  TT-HSL003  is powered by 4 D type batteries. The battery life is really good – up to few month if the sensor is not activated too many times regularly. I persoanlly recommend buying the Panasonic rechargeable D type batteries (Amazon link) if you want to save money. It can be recharged more than 2000 times. This way you will be able to charge them from time to time instead of buying new ones. Do keep in mind that you will need to also buy a D batteries charger (can be found online easily).


Overall, I think this LED spotlight provides excellent value for your money. It’s not expensive, and still – features 300 lumen CREE leds ! That’s pretty amazing. 5 years ago you really could not find a product like this for so cheap. I think TaoTronics is a great company. They make different products, and in most cases – their prices are really reasonable. If you are still not sure this product fits your needs – I recommend reading more reviews of it on Amazon. I find them very useful many times.



TaoTronics LED Motion Sensor
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4.7 / 5 stars


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