How To Secure Your Photos Online

There are many services online that allow you to store and backup your photos. It works this way : you upload the photos to the company’s server, and they keep your photos there. You can access them anytime from your computer or smartphone. But how secure are these services? Well, that’s a very good question. These online photo backup companies invest a lot of money and hire experts to make sure your photos are secure. But they can not grantee anything. In fact, most online photo backup companies got hacked at least 1 time. Some hackers hack for fun, but others may use your photos against you or even blackmail you.


So, as you can understand – it is very important to secure your photos before you upload and backup them online. But how can you do it? well, there is a very simple solution actually. All you have to do is install WinRar trail available) or 7ZIP (free) andĀ archive your photos into one file. Set a long password (but make sure to remember it, since without it you won’t be able to un-zip it), and you are done ! Even if the online photo backup service will be hacked, they won’t be able to actually view your photos.

It is important to mention that some photo backup services won’t allow you to upload ZIP or RAR files, but many will. The solution I presented is easy, quick and will secure your photos really well, as long as you choose a complicated and long password. I recommend writing it on a piece of paper, because as I mentioned – without it – you won’t be able to access your photos.


Some of you may wonder if a password protected ZIP file with photos can be hacked. Well, the answer is – no, as long as the password is complicated (contains letters, numbers and special characters). It would take too much time, and no computers powerful enough for that are available for individuals. Remember that it is also very important to secure your computer itself, so no one can get access to it and the photos that are located in your hard disk.

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