Kimber PepperBlaster II Review

Many people carry pepper spray with them anywhere to feel safer. I bought myself one a while ago, and payed too much money for it. I was shocked to discover that the same pepper spray costed twice less online. But let’s leave that alone. I never used it till now, so it does not really matter for how much I bought it, right? Every spray canister has an expiration date. It’s better to buy one and waste your money by not using it, then not having one just when you need it.

Pepper spray is super effective. It can knock down the toughest person in seconds, and can save your life. Pepper spray canisters can be bought for cheap online, and I think it’s a great investment. They are super easy (and safe) to carry. Some people think that only “girls” use them, well – that’s so wrong. When you are attacked , you don’t care much about how “manly” you look. If you can eliminate the attacker from distance using pepper spray, why not? Why take the risk ? Just put the small pepper spray can in your bag, and that’s it.

Kimber PepperBlaster II - Gray
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There are many brands that manufacture pepper sprays. Some of them make “premium” products that cost a lot of money. From my experience – in many cases they don’t function better than standard and cheap products. The only exception is Kimber’s self defense products. One of their best seller items is the Kimber PepperBlaster II (Amazon link). This pepper spray “gun” is very effective. The shooting distance is more far than a regular pepper spray canister, and on top of that – you can always buy new refills, so it’s not a one times use product. Overall I think it’s a really great self defense tool.

The Kimber PepperBlaster 2 pepper spray gun is very popular worldwide, especially in USA. You can find many reviews of it online. Many consider it as the best pepper spray gun avalible, and I tend to agree with that.


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