Keekoon 1080P Wireless IP Camera

Keekoon 1080P Wireless IP Camera Review

There are so many different IP cameras online. Today I will review a very popular model that seems to get really good reviews and ratings online. This is my Keekoon  camera review:

Video Quality

The Keekoon 1080P IP wireless camera supports 3 resolutions : Full HD (1080P), VGA and QVGA. Most people will probably choose the Full HD quality, but if you want to save storage space – you can always use VGA, the video quality – for most uses, is good enough. The Keekoon camera supports MicroSD memory cards up to 64GB, which is a big advantage. Many security cameras, especially in this price range – only support 32GB memory cards. Another great IP camera worth checking out that also supports 64GB cards is Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD (Amazon link). This model is very popular and receives great ratings online.

Keekoon 1080P Wireless IP Camera
Keekoon 1080P Wireless IP Camera

The video quality at night of the Keekoon IP camera is fairly good – there are 2 built in IR array leds. Of course that at complete darkness, the video is very grainy – you would have to buy an IP camera that costs 3 times as much to solve this problem. I do want to mention that in my opinion – the video quality at night of FOSCAM HD (Amazon link) is a little bit better.

Setup and Usage

In the past it was pretty complicated to setup IP cameras. Nowadays manufactures make the process much easier. That’s the case with the Keekoon 1080P IP camera as well. It’s very easy to setup it, with the app. For some people it may take 5 minutes, for some 20 minutes. You can also check out tutorial videos on YouTube to get an idea how the setup process of IP cameras goes.

Two Way Audio

The Keekoon wireless IP camera has a built in microphone and speaker. Using them you can hear what is going on in the room, and also use the speaker to talk. It’s very useful. It’s possible to attach an external microphone and speaker to it.  While many IP cameras offer two way audio, from my experience – the voice clarity is not always good. That’s not the case with the Keekoon IP camera – everything works really well. It’s also important to mention that using the app you can turn on the motion alters push messages option. In my opinion – it’s super useful.

Keekoon IP camera
Keekoon IP Camera
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Value For Money

If you need a good IP camera with nice video quality and two way audio – buy the Keekoon camera without thinking twice. Its price is reasonable in my opinion, and it surely provides great value for your money. I hope you will find my Keekoon IP camera review helpful. If you have any questions – comment below. If you are still not sure about buying this device, check out other security related product reviews on our website.

Keekoon 1080P Wireless IP Camera
Written by: SecurityEver
4.8 / 5 stars

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