GW Security 8 Channel 5MP NVR

GW Security Camera System Review

There are many different security camera systems you can find online. Some of them are very cheap, while others are professional and cost more money. Today I will review a very good system called – “GW Security Camera System “.

Video Quality

First of all, it is important to mention that this system comes in different versions – each one with different amount of cameras included. The version I am reviewing is the package 2 : 4 cameras (Amazon link). Each camera records at 2592 x 1920 – a very high resolution. You can really see the small details – very sharp video quality. The cameras use  2.8mm-12mm Varifocal lens which further enhance the video quality and sharpness. Without any doubt – this system is much better than cheaper alternatives which in most cases offer 720P resolution.

GW Security 8 Channel 5MP NVR
GW Security 8 Channel 5MP NVR

Another great camera security system in this price range you should check out is EZVIZ (Amazon link). It offers really good video quality and many useful features like motion detection and notifications. Is it better than the GW security camera system? well, each system has its own pros and cons – check both devices and see which one fits your needs better.

Remote Access

Like all others security systems, GW also offers remote access to the video via your smartphone. All you have to do it download an easy to use app to your smartphone or tablet – and pair it with the system. It should not take you more than few minutes. You can also use the motion detection features. I also want to mention that this device has a built in P2P coud storage built in, which many users will find time saving. You can access the live stream not only from your smartphone – but also from any PC and MAC. There are almost no lags, just make sure you have a high speed connection, and that it is stable.


Since this model uses 4 cameras, you will need a lot of storage space. The GW Security 8 Channel systems supports drives up to 16TB – plenty of storage space.  As I mentioned, you can also backup your videos in the cloud, for additional security – and to save storage space.  GW Security 8 Channel comes pre-installed wth a 2TB driver which is enough for most people. In case you want to, you can always upgrade it. There is no need to buy super fast HDDs, standard ones will work just fine.

GW Security system
GW Security system
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If you are looking to buy a professional security camera system – definitely consider buying this system. It works really well, offers amazing video quality and have all the important features. Yes, it’s not a cheap system – but you get what you pay for. You can’t expect a security system that costs twice less to provide the same video quality and features as the GW system.

if you have questions about the GW Security 8 Channel security system – comment below. Also check out other securty system reviews on our website.


GW Security 8 Channel 5MP NVR HD
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