FREDI Mini IP Camera Review

There are not to many good hidden IP cameras available online. There are not as widely used as regular IP cameras, and therefore the variety is not as big. Today I will review a great and popular mini IP camera called FREDI Q7. I will also mention and link to other hidden IP cameras you should definetly check out.

Video Quality

I can’t say that the video quality of the FREDI Mini IP Camera is very impressive, but I really don’t think it’s a problem. This camera is very small, and on top of that – it is fairly cheap. It does provide good video quality for the money, but you really should not expect any “amazing” video recording quality (like Titathink TT520PW [Amazon link] provides) . It is a great IP camera, and you probably won’t find too many mini IP cameras in this price range with this kind of recording quality. The built-in battery lasts 30-50 minutes on a single charge. That’s really not too bad. Charging does not take too much time, so that’s a good thing.

FREDI Mini Portable P2P WiFi IP CameraView On Amazon
FREDI Mini Portable P2P WiFi IP Camera
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If you need a hidden IP camera with much better video quality check out Titathink TT520PW (Amazon link). It records in 720P and the video quality is really good. The price is different of course, but you have to understand that hidden IP cameras are much more expensive than regular IP cameras. You can’t buy a hidden camera with amazing video quality for cheap. And by the way, the really professional hidden IP cameras cost even more. But I won’t write too much about them because most people just can’t afford buying them. On top of that, it is important to mention that most consumers don’t really need a “professional” hidden IP camera. Titathink TT520PW will be more than enough for most consumer.


Setup And Ease Of Use

FREDI claims that this hidden IP camera has built-in WIFI with 20-40m range. It’s pretty good. It is really easy to pair your smartphone/tablet with this IP camera. From what I understand – this camera creates a private WIFI network, so all you have to do is just select it on your smartphone and connect to it. It really should not take more than few seconds. Using the camera is really simple as well. After the first setup, all you have to do is to download a mobile app and use it to view the live video.

Mobile App

In order to view the live video from the IP camera, you will have to download and install an app on your smartphone or tablet. You should use the app that FREDI recommended, because other apps you may find probably won’t work. Some IP cameras are made to work with the most popular IP camera viewer apps in the market, so that’s somwthing you should keep in mind.

Similar IP Cameras

As I meentioned, if you really care about the video quality and want a hidden IP camera that records in 720P – check out the follwoing IP camera. It is really good in my opinion and too provides good value for your money. It also receives really good ratings and reviews online.

Titathink TT520PWView On Amazon
Titathink TT520PW
View On Amazon
FREDI Mini IP Camera
Written by: SecurityEver
4.8 / 5 stars

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