Foscam FI9816P IP Camera Review

This is my review of the popular and widely used Foscam FI9816P IP camera.

Video Quality

The Foscam FI9816P IP (Amazon link) camera is sold for a very affordable price, yet provides really good video quality. It records in 720P (not Full HD unfortunately, but still -good enough) and the videos look sharp. Foscam FI9816P has 11 IR LEDS, so it can work in the dark as well. The auto IR-Cut filtering  will enhance the video quality as well. This is a Plug & Play camera, meaning the setup process is easy and fast. You can even easily connect your smartphone to it. 

As I mentioned, this is not a Full HD IP camera (1080P). If you need one – check out cameras like Amcrest IP2M-841 (Amazon link). This popular IP camera offers really good video quality and records in 1080P. It’s so popular because it’s easy to use and offers so much for so little money.

Foscam FI9816P
Foscam FI9816P
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Mobile Video Streaming

You can easily watch the live stream on your smartphone. It’s very easy and simple actually. All you have to do is install the Foscam Viewer app on your smartphone (Android or iOS). The app offers many options and features. It’s very easy to use. Foscam also offers a cloud storage service. I know that many people use it, but if you don’t want to spend extra money – you really don’t have to. The app itself really offers everything you need. By the way, I do think that this IP camera will work with some other IP camera viewers app, but i’m not sure.

Download app : Android / iOS

foscam app


Foscam FI9816P is fairly small and comes in 2 color : black and white. Both versions are popular.

Foscam – The Company

Foscam is not as well known as companies like Sony, but I persoanlly don’t have a problem with this. When you buy their products, you don’t pay for the “brand”, and thefore save a lot of money. Besides that, their products are great and very popular. Believe me, no IP camera can be as popular as FI9816P without being really good. Foscam nanfuctres different IP camera models. FI9816P is one of their more advanced models, and as I mentioned – it’s widely used.

Similar IP Cameras

There are so many different IP cameras that can be bought online. I honestly think Foscam FI9816P is great, but if you are still not sure it is the perfect IP cmaera for your needs – check out the IP camera below. It is very similar but offers its own unique features.

Vimtag VT-361b<>View On Amazon
Vimtag VT-361
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Foscam FI9816P IP Camera
Written by: SecurityEver
5 / 5 stars

If you have any questions about this IP cmaera – comment below. If you still can’t decide which IP cmaera is the best one for your needs – feel free to check out other related reviews on our website. We tested and reviewed tens of different IP cameras in order to make it easier for you to choose one. You can also contact us directly if you want our team to review an IP camera you liked and still was not posted here.

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