Fortress Security Store S02-B Review

There are many different alarm security systems available online. The “professional” ones cost a lot of money, and not everyone can afford buying them. The more simple alarm systems are much cheaper, and that’s why they are so popular. Today I will review a widely used alarm system named Fortress Security Store S02-B (Amazon link).

The Model

The Fortress Security Store S02-B system includes 10 window/door magnetic sensors, 3 passive motion detectors, a panic button and alarm, a loud siren and alarm (as well as keyfobs and other parts). Everything can be paired easily to the main control panel. This security system is great for those who need a good protection for their home, but have a limited budget. The Fortress S02-B comes with different sensors that you can place around the house, everything works really well. As I mentioned – it’s not the most advanced alarm system you can get online, but for the price – it’s really good. Honestly I really don’t think all people need super expensive and advanced security systems. And the popularity of  Fortress S02-B proves that.

Another popular and great alarm system I recommend checking out is Pisector PS03-M (Amazon link). This system also has an auto dial function, a huge advantage in my opinion. In my opinion – this system is “smarter” than Fortress S02-B but don’t get me wrong – both alarm systems are excellent !

Fortress Security Store S02-B
Fortress Security Store S02-B


The setup of this alarm system can take some time, but once you get a hold of it – you will be able to control and configure everything fairly quickly. It comes with a  instruction booklet, read it before doing anything. It is important to layout everything wisely, because changing it later can be trouble some.

Value For Money

As I mentioned – Fortress Security Store S02-B is a fairly basic system – but it is defiantly worth buying. If you want to secure your house, but don’t have a big budget – a system like S02-B will be great for you. It works well, and comes with so many sensors. The setup may take some time, but you only have to do it once, so I won’t say it’s a big problem.

Similar Alarm Systems

Below you can see the Pisector PS03-M system I mentioned earlier. It is very popular and includes : a smart main console, motion sensors, door/window sensors, indoor and outdoor sirens, panic button and remote controllers. This system gets good reviews and ratings online. Check it out and decide which system fits your needs the best.

Pisector PS03-M
Pisector PS03-M
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Fortress S02-B Alarm System
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