Faleemi HD IP Camera Review

Choosing an IP camera is not an easy task. Online you can find hundreds of different security cameras. Some are expensive while others are cheap. Today I will review the affordable and very popular Faleemi HD IP Camera. Here is my Faleemi IP Camera review :

Video Quality

First of all – it is important to understand that the Faleemi IP camera is cheap. That does not mean it’s bad – but you can’t compare it to IP cameras that cost 3 times as much. That’s a mistake many reviewers do. The video quality the Faleemi camera provides for its price – is very good. The videos are sharp, clear, and smooth. This camera records in 720P which is reasonable. If you want the 1080P quality  – check out the YI Dome Camera (Amazon link). The YI IP camera is made by Xiaomi – a well known company. It records in 1080P. Not only the video resolution is better – the video quality is sharper as well.

Faleemi HD IP Camera

Another great IP camera worth checking out is Wansview (Amazon link). It’s super popular now because of its attractive price and good video quality. It works really well, and I am sure that in the future – it will become even more popular !

Memory Card Setup

The company writes that the Faleemi  IP camera supports memory cards up to 128GB. That’s a huge advantage – many IP cameras only support 32GB MicroSD memory cards. In order to support 64/128GB cards the company needs to use better, and more expensive hardware. There is no need to buy fancy and expensive MicroSD memory cards since they are needed only for resolution like 2K and 4K (you won’t find IP cameras in this price range that record in 4K – so no worries).

Two Way Audio

This IP camera also offers two way audio. Which means you can hear what is going around – and also use the speaker to talk. This feature does work fairly well, but if that’s something very important for you – I would recommend checking other IP cameras, like the ones I mentioned above.


The setup process of the Faleemi HD IP camera is really easy. The company made everything very clear and fast. All you have to do is download the Faleemi app, which is free, scan the QR code and that’s almost it. The setup is easy – and most people will be able to do it in minutes. I came across IP cameras in the past that were super hard to setup. But since here, the company also developed an app – everything works smoothly. Many IP camera companies use generic apps because developing your own IP camera app is not cheap at all. 

Value For Money

If you are looking for an affordable IP camera with good video quality – defiantly buy this one ! It offers amazing value for your money. Of course it’s not the best security camera you can find online – but many need the most basic camera without the best quality. The Faleemi App is very easy to use, and overall – I think you won’t have any special problems with this device. For its price – you really can’t go wrong here.

An interesting thing I want to mention is that I heard that some people use their action camera as a security camera (since most of them have built-in WIFI and remote stream view). Honestly, I think it’s a cool idea, but the WIFI range is the real problem here. As you can read in this akaso ek7000 review – a very popular camera, the wifi range is very limited. I am sure there are solutions to solve that – but still, it’s much more complex that just using a basic IP camera like the one made by Faleemi.

I hope you enjoyed my review. If you have any questions about this product – feel free to comment below or contact us. Make sure to check out other great IP camera reviews on our website. We do our best to review the latest and most popular security cameras online. Choosing an IP camera is not easy – we hope our reviews will help you with that !


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