Digitharbor 3.5 Peephole Door Camera

Door viewer cameras are very popular nowadays. You can buy them for very reasonable prices online, and most of them work on batteries (easy to install). This time I will review a very popular door camera from a company named digitharbor.

Video Quality And Screen

The video quality of this camera is great, even at night – thanks to the built-in IR LEDs. When someone presses the doorbell button (or you press the power button yourself) – the device turns on and the video is shown on the screen. This way you can see how is coming within seconds. This camera features wide angle lens (120 degrees), and that’s very important. The screen size is 3.5 inches – fairly big. You can find door cameras with bigger screens, but in my opinion that’s really not necessarily. 3.5″ screen is more than enough for most people. Do remember that this device is small and compact. Bigger screen means bigger device, and believe me – you don’t want that.

I highly recommend also checking out the Ring Wi-Fi (Amazon link) video doorbell. It’s very popular and it’s advantage is the built in WIFI. When someone presses the doorbell button – you get a notification (works on Android and iOS) and see the live video (directly from your smartphone. Much better in my opinion). The Digitharbor doorbell camera is basic and does not offer anything like that – it does not have WI-FI.

Digitharbor 3.5 Peephole Door Camera
Digitharbor Peephole Door Camera
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The Digitharbor 3.5 camera is super easy to install and setup since it works on batterires ( 4 AA batteries). The peephole barrel should fit doors that are 42-70mm wide. Insert the MicroSD memory card if you want the photos and videos to be saved. When someone clicks on the doorbell button, the camera turn on and takes a picture within seconds. Then, it will be saved on your memory card. A single microSD memory card (4GB one) can hold hundreds (and in some cases- thousends) of these pictures. You can always connect the memory card to your PC and transfer the photos – it’s really easy. Do remember that you will need a MicroSD USB adapter for that.

The device itself is very easy to operate. It works automatically, so you really have to setup it once and that’s pretty much it. Nothing complex. You will have to change the batteries every few weeks (or even more frequently – really depends on how much times the device will be turned on). That’s why I recommend buying 2 sets of rechargeable batteries online. This way you will be able to save a lot of money. Do make sure that the batteries you buy come with a charger, or buy it separately (I recommend the ones that can charge 4 batteries at once, saving you a lot of time).

Digitharbor  door camera review

Value For Money

Overall I think the Digitharbor is a great peephole camera, and delivers great value for your money. It’s not the most advanced device out there, but do keep in mind that most people look for a basic door camera, not one with WIFI and other advanced features (like motion detection). I personally prefer the ones with WIFI – but they are not as easy to install and “maintain”.

If you are still not sure this is the best door camera for your needs – check out the other cameras I mentioned on this page. Also, if you have any questions about this device – feel free to comment below. You can also find other door camera reviews on our website. We hope that they will help you choose the best peephole camera for your needs.

Similar Door Cameras

You can also check out the RioRand door camera. It’s pretty popular and offers great value for your money too. The video quality is excellent, and the screen is big – 3.5 inches.


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