How To Choose The Right IP Camera?

IP cameras are widely used nowadays. People mostly buy them for security reasons. Many of these cameras are affordable and pretty cheap. You can place them pretty much anywhere. Then, you can view the live stream using your smartphone / tablet or PC. Many people even place few IP cameras around/in their house to cover more. Many IP camera viewer apps are available. Many of them support live video stream from multiple IP cameras. Many of these apps can be downloaded for free(both for Android and iOS devices), but some cost money. The free apps are great, but if you want more features – definitely consider paying for a premium app.


In the past IP cameras were very expensive because pretty much all of them were made by huge corporations. In the last few years Рeverything changed. Individuals started importing IP cameras from China. Most of them were generic (not made by a big brand), but still Рpeople bought them. Since then the prices of both generic and branded IP cameras was dropped significantly.  Here is how you to choose the best IP camera for your needs :


There are many cheap IP camera, as well as professional ones that cost hundreds of dollars. You must determine your budget and look for the best IP camera in the price category you chose.

Video Quality

I came across expensive IP cameras that did not have better video quality that cameras twice less expensive. Generally I recommend only buying 1080P IP cameras. They are not much more expensive than 720P cameras, and the difference in the video quality is big.

Night Vision

While most IP cameras have IR leds, some cameras have special night vision features that work really well. That’s something you should keep in mind.

Mobile App

Some IP cameras (the branded ones) come with dedictaed mobile apps, while some companies will just tell you to use any IP camera viewer app you like. Sometimes it’s better to buy the IP camera from a company that also provides an app with all necessary features.


ip camera app


Some companies focus on making hidden IP cameras. They are much much smaller that your typical IP cameras. Because of that the video quality in most cases is not very good. But there are some expensive hidden IP cameras that offer really good video quality.

On our website you can find many different IP cameras reviews. We know how tough it can be too choose one, and really hope our reviews will help you with that. We post new reviews on weekly basis. We focus on well known IP cameras, but also post new models from time to time. If you have any questions or need help choosing the best IP camera for your needs – feel free to comment below.

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