Brinno PHV1325 PeepHole Viewer Review

Peephole door cameras are widely used nowadays. They are sold for affordable prices and there are many of them available to purchase online. So how you choose one? It can be tricky since every device has its one pros and cons. Today I will review a very popular peephole viewer – Brinno PHV1325  and tell if you it’s really  worth buying .

Video Quality And Screen

The video quality of the Brinno PHV1325 peephole viewer is excellent. The video looks sharp and crisp, even when there is not a lot of light.I do want to mention that there are no IR LEDs, so that’s something you should keep in mind. In full darkness you won’t be able to see much because of it. If you want a peephole camera with IR (infra-read) LEDs, check out digitharbor’s camera (Amazon link).

Brinno PHV1325 is powered by 2 AA batteries. You will have to charge them from time to time of course. I recommend buying 4 rechargeable AA batteries so when the batteries in the device are dead, you won’t have to wait hours until they are recharged to use the camera. There are many cheap rechargeable batteries online, I recommend buying batteries made by well known companies. The capacity is important as well – the more capacity the battery has, the more hours it will work on a single charge.

This camera does not have built-in motion detection feature. Brinno’s more advanced model Brinno PHVMAC (Amazon link) has it.

Brinno PHV1325Click Here for Reviews, Ratings & Specifications at Amazon
Brinno PHV1325
Click Here for Reviews, Ratings & Specifications at Amazon


Peephole cameras are fairly easy to install. It replace your existing standard peephole (in doors 1-3/8″ to 2-1/4″ thick. Which is pretty much most doors out there). Do make sure the size is OK, so you won’t yourself with a peephole camera that does not fit your door. Here is a video showing how to install the Brinno camera :

Value For Money

Brinno PHV1325 is not the cheapest peephole you can find online, but it defiantly delivers the value you payed for. It’s video quality and build quality are second to none. Sure you can buy cheaper devices online, but their video quality won’t be nearly as good. Brinno is a well known company in the door cameras industry. Their devices are very advanced, especially the more expensive models (which have motion detection for example).

Brinno PHV1325 is one of their most basic models, but still – it works amazingly well and offers great value for your money. If you need a peephole viewer with more features (like motion detection) – consider checking out their more advanced models. But if you really need a basic device -this one is just perfect.

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I hope you liked my Brinno PHV1325 review. If you have any questions about this camera -feel free to comment below. On our website you can find many other peephole cameras reviews. We know that finding the perfect device for your needs can be hard, and hope our reviews will help you with that. Also, if you want our team to test and review a specific secuirty related product – feel free to contact us directly and we will gladly do that.

Brinno PHV1325 PeepHole Viewer
Written by: SecurityEver
4.8 / 5 stars


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