Amcrest HDSeries IP Camera Review

This is my review of a very popular IP camera – Amcrest HDSeries. I will test it and see if it’s really worth buying. I will also mention other IP cameras you should check out.

Video Quality

Amcrest HDSeries is a great IP camera and it records in HD (720P – 30fps). The video quality is good, especially for the price. You do have to understand that this is not a Full HD IP camera (1080p). Not all people need the 1080P resolution- but if you do – then you probably should not buy the Amcrest HDSeries camera. If you just need a basic IP camera that works really well – Amcrest HDSeries (Amazon link)  is the best IP camera for you !

Amcrest also sells a model called “Amcrest ProHD” (Amazon link) that actually records in Full HD. The video quality is really good. It is very similar to Amcrest HDSeries , the main difference is the better video quality.

Amcrest HDSeries
Amcrest HDSeries

Amcrest HDSeries  IPM-721S Setup

The Amcrest IPM-721S IP camera is really easy and simple to setup. All you have to do is download the Amcrest Viewer app (Android / iOS / Chrome), and pair the IP camera with your device. This should take no more than few minutes.

Amcrest Viewer – Mobile App

After you done with the setup, you will be able to view the live stream on your smartphone/PC anytime. I actually really like the Amcrest Viewer app – I think it works really well, and most importantly – it is really easy to use. In some cases this IP camera will work with other IP camera apps as well, but in my opinion Amcrest’s app is good enough, so I don’t think you will want to replace it with another.

Many cheap IP cameras don’t come with a branded mobile app, and the manufacture just recommended generic IP viewer apps. Amcrest is a serious company and they made a great app that works perfectly with all their IP cameras (they sell few models, all of them are popular).

IPM-721S IP Camera

Value For Money

As I mentioned, if you need a basic IP camera that offers many features and good video quality – Amcrest HDSeries is the perfect IP camera for your needs. It offers amazing value for your money. If you want “the best video quality” – then I would not recommend buying it, in this case – check out the Amcrest ProHD model I mentioned previously.

Similar IP Cameras

Below you can see an image of the Amcrest ProHD. It records in Full HD and offers so may features and option. This IP camera is super popular, and I’m sure it will sell well many years.

Amcrest ProHD reviewView On Amazon
Amcrest ProHD review
View On Amazon


If you have questions about the Amcrest IPM-721S  IP camera – comment below. I hope that you will find my Amcrest HDSeries review helpful. If you still don’t know if this camera is the best one for your needs – check out other IP camera reviews on our website. We tested many of them, and hope that our reviews will help you choose one. If you found an IP camera online that you liked, and we did not review it yet – feel free to contact us and we will see what can be done. We are always happy to hear about new cameras and review them.

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