AGC Mart Hidden Camera Spy Pen Review

Hidden camera spy pens are widely used. In the past, they were very expensive and not as advanced (short recording time and weak batteries). Now, there are hundreds of different spy pens that can be bought online. Some of them are really simple and basic (sold for cheap prices), and some are really advanced and professional. Today I will review and talk about the features of the AGC Mart Hidden Camera Spy Pen (Amazon link).

Video Quality

This spy pen records Full HD videos, and I must say that the video quality is surprisingly good. This is not a “professional” spy pen, but it does offer great video recording quality. Some of the spy pens in this price category record just in 720P (HD), AGC Mart’s spy pen uses a more advanced sensor that is Full HD capable.  It comes with a 8GB memory card, which provides enough storage space for few hours of video.

I also recommend checking out the My Slick Spy Pen (Amazon link). It’s one of the best spy pens available (in my opinion). It also records in Full HD (but in this case – 60FPS – and that’s amazing. The videos are smooth and sharp).

AGC Mart Hidden Camera Spy PenClick Here for Reviews, Ratings & Specifications at Amazon
AGC Mart Hidden Camera Spy Pen
Click Here for Reviews, Ratings & Specifications at Amazon

Design And Built Quality

You defiantly want your “spy pen” to look real, but not flashy (too much attention is not a good thing for sure when using a hidden camera). The AGC Mart camera pen looks just like a real pen. The design is really nice. It does not look like a cheap and simple pen, but a “premium” one. It’s also important to mention that this pen actually works, and you can write with it. I came across some spy pens in the past that did not offer that – and believe me – that’s a really bad idea.

Using The Pen

The AGC Mart hidden camera spy pen is very easy to use. To start recording – hold down the top button for about 2 seconds until the yellow led turn on, and then changes to blue color. The light will turn off shortly after (so it won’t be noticed). After recording video/audio, take the MicroSD memory card out, put in the USB adapter and connect it to your computer. You will be able to transfer the files easily.

AGC Mart camera pen


Some hidden camera spy pens offer good video quality but feature a very weak battery. These batteries sometimes only last for few minutes on a single charge. I recommend buying only spy pens with battery that lasts at least 1 hour on a single full charge. AGC Mart camera pen is one of them . The battery time is excellent . Charging time of AGC Mart spy pen is not very fast, and that’s ok with me. This kind of spy pens use batteries that should not and can not be charged quickly (to avoid explosions and fire). Better save then sorry, right ?

Value For Money

In my opinion the AGC Mart spy pen is great and defiantly provides good value for your money. The video quality is great, design is good and the device is really easy to use. You really don’t need more than that. Of course than if you want a more professional device – there are alternatives worth checking out, but for the average consumer – the AGC Mart camera pen is perfect.

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I hope that you will find my AGC Mart spy pen review helpful. If you have any questions about this device or any other spy camera – feel free to comment below. Also, you can find on our website many other security related product reviews. Our goal is to help you find the best surveillance and self defense products for your needs. Feel free to contact us directly if you want us to review a specific product.


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